Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Magic Gem

Led the team of your adventure, to mysterious sea, looking for lost treasure.

This is a classic elimination game.

5 different game modes, come experience it!!!
- Classic
- Task
- Cloning
- Challenges
- Puzzle


  1. I am so disappointed with this game. I was playing the Clone Mode and when I reached the score 999,999 the game all of the sudden stop working and gave me a prompt that it encounter an unexpected error. WTF? It did not even save my score. Can't we have a score higher than 999,999???? I am not happy!!!!!

  2. Hi--I paid for this game through the android market and still have the receipt. My droid crashed and hadto be replaced. The paid version does not show up in my downloads. All other purchases do. I am signed in to the correct google checkout account. Is there a way to redownload it? Thanks. Erin C-H

    1. I agree. Myself and my wife foolishly paid for both phones and we're having the same problem.

      Plus we messaged them and never got a reply.

      I want a refund!

  3. I bought this game but I can't download it. How come?

  4. Love this game but stuck on puzzle level 39. Help please!

  5. I am stuck at level 34 of the puzzle....any ideas?

  6. No description of how to play each mode. BOOOO!

  7. I to had my phone replaced and can no longer download the game without buying it again. I have emailed the author and if i dont receive an answer in 24 hours I will make an official complaint to google.

  8. Do not buy this game. The authour is happy to take your money, but when it comes to support he/she will not respond to your emsils. Even if you have bought the game! This persom is happy to take your money nut mot help you on your purchase. Now reporting this person to google. Also excuse my spelling.. Typing and editing on this blog is pathetic on a mobile.

  9. Hi

    I would like to monetize "magie Gem" with advertising.

    Are you interessed in ?

    Thanks for reply

  10. Is there an instructions document on how to play the game? Would like to know what all the special gems do in the different modes!

  11. Hi guys!

    I've played your game for a long time on Droid, but I finally decided to root my device and make use of all that epic screen estate (HTC Desire HD 4,3 inch) and change my DPI from 240 (stock) to 160.

    I was appalled to see that, in difference from many other apps, yours did not handle that transition well at all. Angry Birds, Radiant HD, EVAC HD and several other games are still the same size in spite of the DPI changes.

    With the upcoming Gingerbread requirement for DPI compability, you might want to consider this for your next update.

    Thank you for a fantastic game otherwise!

  12. I love the game but Iv'e been stuck on board 39 any hints. No response from the maker.

  13. I would like to pre-install some of your apps to our tablet PC products.

    If you interested, plz contact

  14. Hi! I have a question concerning one of your apps, Scooter Hero. The thing is that I can't find it on market, so I wonder, what have happened? I contacted Android and they said that it would be better if I asked you on this website. I see that you havn't updated since september last year, but an answer would be more than welcome! :)

  15. I am interested in acquiring your android games for distribution and device preloading in China, please contact me at joshua[dot]galloway[at]

  16. Bought a droid x2 with higher resolution. Now the game no longer displays properly. Please fix this! I love this game and miss it.

  17. I have an iPhone 4s and this app hasn't worked since the day I downloaded it. Keep hoping for an update (graphics are horrible) that will fix both problems. The only mode that works is clone. The other ones cause the app to crash. Please fix, I paid money and I can't get it back so I want it to just work please.

  18. I've been stuck on puzzle level 44. Any suggestions?

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  21. Hi, Have you added support for x86 for your android apps?